Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard

At the RAI, we recently held a memorial event on the life and works of Evans-Pritchard. This was a great success, and our recent President André Singer is now editing the proceedings from it.

As is well-known, E-P arranged a bonfire of many of his remaining papers.  Indeed, one of the persons present at that was with us for the seminar. However, during the various discussions, it nevertheless became clear that there may be enough surviving correspondence to and from E-P to form a valuable separate volume that could be published alongside the proceedings.

I am writing now, therefore, to inquire of any Fellows whether they have any correspondence, substantial or perhaps just a note or two to or from E-P, that might be suitable for such a volume. It goes without saying that we would seek to clear any necessary copyrights beforehand.

Advice on where such letters may be found would also be most gratefully received. We are sure that such a volume would make an important contribution toward understanding E-P’s great service to the discipline.

The programme for the Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard event may be seen still at

Kind regards
Yours faithfully

David Shankland
Director, RAI.