RAI Honours and Awards

Huxley Memorial Medal and Lecture: Professor Steve Shennan (UCL) for his very great contribution to cross-disciplinary studies between pre-history, archaeology and anthropology.

Rivers Memorial Medal: Professor Judith Okely (Oxford/Hull) for her long-standing and continuing contribution to the anthropology of the Gypsies, fieldwork, and gender.

Lucy Mair Medal & Marsh Prize for Applied Anthropology: Dr Sebastien P. Boret (Japan: Tohoku University) for his interdisciplinary and applied research on the anthropology of death and disaster

Marsh Prize for Anthropology in the World: Sandi Toksvig for her public contribution as a writer, comedian, broadcaster, actor, and producer and striving for gender equality.

RAI President’s Lifetime Achievement Award: Professor Caroline Humphrey (Cambridge) for her decades-long devotion to the anthropology and ethnography of Mongolia, her many distinguished pupils, and to the emergence of collaborative anthropology.

Public Anthropology Award: Professor Alice Roberts (Birmingham) for her extra-ordinary gift for the communication of anthropology to a wide public.

Curl Lectureship: Dr Rachel Crellin (Leicester) for her study and theorisation of change in Later Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain.

Film Committee Lifetime Achievement Award: Professor André Singer for his fundamental contribution to the development of ethnographic film over almost five decades.