The Call for Papers is now open. It will close on 13 January 2024.

The Anthropology and Education conference will be held 25-28 June 2024 in person only.

Please browse the full list of panels and decide where to propose your paper. All proposals must be made via the online form that can be found on each panel page.

There are three formats for the panels in this conference. There are traditional panels with 15 minute papers, roundtables with shorter presentations and longer discussions and workshops.

Proposals should consist of a title, a (very) short abstract of <300 characters and an abstract of 250 words. On submission the proposal, the proposing author (but not any co-authors listed) will receive automated email confirming receipt. If you do not receive this email, please first check the login environment (click login on the left) to see if your proposal is there. If it is, it simply means confirmation got spammed or lost; and if it is not, it means you need re-submit, as process went wrong somewhere.

A paper can only be submitted once and only one paper can be submitted per person.

Proposals will be marked as pending until the end of the Call for Papers. Convenors will then be asked to make their decisions over the papers proposed to their panel by 26 January 2024 and to communicate those to the proposers, marking them up within the login environment. Papers which are neither accepted nor rejected, but marked for 'transfer', will then be considered by the Conference Committee to see where else they might fit in the conference programme. There is no guarantee that such papers can be re-housed. We aim to resolve all transfers by 12 February 2024.

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Other useful information for after you've proposed your paper

Paper authors can use the login link in the menu on the left to edit their proposals. Co-authors cannot be added/removed nor can papers be withdrawn through this environment - please email to do this.

Pre-circulation of papers

RAI has no rule about this; however some convenors may be keen to pre-circulate completed papers. To facilitate this and save on loads of email traffic, authors can upload PDFs of their papers within the login environment, which will then show as a downloadable file beneath their abstract on the public panel page on this site.

Timing of presentations

Convenors are reasonably free to run their sessions as they like. For panels the norm is to allot each presenter a 15 minutes for their paper. Roundtables have shorter presentations and more time for discussion. The format for workshops will be indicated by the convenors.

We are unable to represent specific intra-panel timings in our programme. Delegates reading the programme will have to work on the assumption that papers will be evenly distributed through the panel.

Communication between authors/convenors

Convenor/author email addresses are not shown on the panel pages for anti-spam reasons. However there is an in-built secure email messaging system. If this does not work for you, please email to obtain relevant email addresses.

Any queries with the above please email


All participants in the conference will have to register and pay the conference fee. Registration opens on 26 February 2024.

Conference Fee:
RAI Fellows; EASA Members; AAA Members; IUAES Members; ASA Members: £320
RAI Members: £390
Non-members: £420
Concessions (students; unemployed; retired persons): £150
Delegates with low income from low income countries ( £100