DEADLINE 6 February 2019 - Oslo, Norway

Doctoral fellowship in Social Anthropology

The Department of Ethnography, Numismatics, Classical Archaeology and University History holds responsibility for the Ethnographic collection and aims to keep the collection alive by engaging it through research, exhibitions, and digital initiatives, as well as a variety of dissemination activities. The department is seeking a qualified and highly motivated researcher for a 3-year PhD Fellowship (SKO 1017) within the field of Social Anthropology. The applicant should engage one of the museum’s research strategies; Meaningful Materialities, The entrepreneur; between tradition and structure; and Landscape and Rapid Changes.

A number of our research activities are also associated with our work on Global Cultural Heritage. This initiative includes activities such as: dialogical engagement of collections through exhibitions; shared digital platforms; collaborative ventures aiming to acquire new artefacts, or even, in some cases, acts of repatriation, all of which are forms of joint knowledge production.The call is open for candidates with an interest in any of these fields.

Eligible project descriptions should be focused on material culture, and emphasise long-term fieldwork. We are open to many kinds of approaches to materialities; theoretically, analytically, and empirically. The successful candidate should aspire to methodological and theoretical sophistication.

To apply go to the following link :