About the conference

The online ‘Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future’ conference will take place from 14-18 September 2020. It is jointly organised by the RAI, the RGS, the British Academy, the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at SOAS, and the BM’s Department for Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

Audience and engagement

We expect over 1500 international delegates to attend online including anthropologists, geographers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, representatives of NGOs and media, corporate bodies and members of the general public. Exhibitors can purchase their own virtual exhibition room in the online conference. During conference opening hours, you can choose whichever timeslots you would like to exhibit across the five days of the conference. Your representatives will be able to engage with delegates in your room via video and text chat options. Links to your Shindig virtual exhibition room will appear on the Anthropology and Geography Exhibitors webpage. The Exhibitors webpage will be linked in all Shindig conference rooms/events so delegates can easily find their way to you over the 5 days of the conference. Special publisher events can also be listed in the timetable with direct links to your room.

Your representatives

You will receive three conference passes for your representatives with full access to panels and events. You can have up to three holders working simultaneously in the online exhibitor room or being present at different times. Representative(s) from your organisation will have admin control over your exhibition room on Shindig, allowing you to lead the online presence of your brand.  To learn more about the Shindig platform please look at the resources for admins here. In addition to these resources, you will be given an opportunity to book your representatives in to experience the online platform as an administrator before the conference.

Opportunities to exhibit

Within your dedicated virtual exhibition room you can:
  1. Provide your own background image (1920x1080px). We advise you to prepare a single backdrop image which already has your logo(s) embedded into it, so your logo will constantly be visible to everyone in your exhibition room.
  2. Add links to specific webpages or online resources via ‘buttons’ which delegates can click.
  3. Set welcome slides that are displayed in the 'stage' area of the room (anyone entering the room immediately sees these)
  4. You could have:
    o    a video presentation
    o    or live presentation by a rep
    o    have your own event schedule
    o    live discussions about books presented on stage (with author, editor)
  5. You can chat and answer questions from delegates in the room via text and video chats (up to 6 people per video chat) - or directly from the stage (to all in the room).
    To book a virtual exhibition room at the online conference please contact: anthgeogexhibitors@gmail.com