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DEADLINE 6 March 2020 - UK

RAI Film Officer & Festival Manager
Job Share (0.5, 2.5 days a week)

Further particulars:
The Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) is seeking to appoint a Film Officer. This position will be a half-time job share with the current Film Officer Caterina Sartori. The Film Officers will be expected to work together to deliver the objectives entailed in the role, and to take an active role in the RAI’s core activities and programmes alongside other members of staff.

The pursuit of ethnographic film has long been a key part of the RAI’s activities. The Film Officers are responsible for the running of the film activities at the RAI, which include the distribution of ethnographic film (digital and DVD), the organisation of the biennial RAI Film Festival, and other film-related events throughout the year. In addition the Film Officers will carry out administrative duties, act as secretary for the Film Committee and support the general day-to-day activities of the institute. It is expected that the Film Officers will have an undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree in anthropology, and have a genuine enthusiasm for the discipline. Equally important is a demonstrable interest and familiarity with ethnographic film and ethnographic film makers, since the role will involve close liaison with practitioners as well as university teachers and researchers using ethnographic film in their work. The Film Officers need to be good communicators, competent at using social and other online media, as well as good at face-to-face contact. Event coordination skills and experience, especially in the field of film festivals, will also be especially valuable. Working as part of a small and dedicated team, the successful candidate will be expected to carry out tasks in close collaboration with colleagues, as well as to work unsupervised, and to lend a hand in more general tasks as required. It is essential that they subscribe to, and are ready to work within the framework of a job share.

DEADLINE 27th April 2020 - Cambridge, UK

The Advisory Committee for the Evans Fund give notice that they intend to proceed to an election of an Evans Fellow or Fellows early in the Easter Term. A graduate of any university is eligible to apply, provided that they intend to engage in research in anthropology or archaeology in relation to Southeast Asia. The Advisory Committee is also interested to hear from senior scholars seeking contributions towards major projects, as well as early career researchers and graduate students applying for small research grants, in geographical areas covered by the remit of the fund.

For further information and the application form, visit the webpage:

Application deadline 27th April 2020.


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