An exhibition of the Visual Representations of the Third Plague Pandemic project at the Royal Anthropological Institute

11 May to 30 June 2017

The Anthropology and the Environment Committee of the RAI have put together a list of anthropologists who are interested in environmental issues.  This list is a resource for other anthropologists and for those outside anthropology looking for a particular expertise.

The list can be consulted here.

Art, Materiality and Representation



Deadline: 30 June 2017

The RAI Photography Committee greatly regret the passing of committee member and RAI Fellow Ariadne van de Ven. A photographic practitioner with longstanding experience working in Kolkota, India, Ariadne was a lively presence on the committee, bringing her photographic eye and input to our exhibitions, events, and publications. She will be sorely missed. Our condolences are with her family.

Anthropology & Photography is a new open-access publication series edited by the RAI Photography Committee. Emerging from the international conference of the same name organized by the RAI at the British Museum in 2014, the series will highlight and make available to the widest possible audience the best new work in the field.

We are eager to solicit new contributions from anthropologists and practitioners which could be visual, textual, or somewhere in between.

50 Years of Anthropology

The results of a British Academy funded project.  You can see the full report here.

The nature of the Index means that many of the articles we incorporate would be difficult to find via other means such as through Google Scholar or similar search engines, so in many ways the AIO gives a clear and the most complete picture we can hope for of what anthropologists have been discovering for the last 50 years.

The RAI is delighted to announce that its Director, Dr David Shankland, has been made an Honorary Professor in the Department of Anthropology, University College London.

2016 Rivers Medal - Professor Ruth Finnegan

2016 Lucy Mair Marsh Medal - Professor Ralph Grillo & Professor Paul Richards

2016 Marsh Award for Anthropology in the World - Dr Peter Bennett

2017 Curl Lecturer - Dr Andrea Migliano 

2017 Huxley Memorial Lecturer - Professor Margaret Conkey