FAQ - Online Course Program

  1. How long does the course last? Most of our courses last between 8-10 weeks (with some exceptions). You can find the exact length on each course page.

  2. Will the course take place at the same time every week? Unless specified, the course will take place at the same time and date as the starting date and will run once a week. There are some exceptions to this which will be clearly noted on the individual courses page.
  3. Are there assessments or exams? The majority of our courses are unassessed unless stated otherwise on the individual course page.

  4. Will I receive a certificate of completion? After completing each course, students will receive a certificate of completion. Please note that this certificate is not equivalent to any formal education, but it can be valuable for professional development.

  5. What happens if I cannot attend at the time advertised? If you would like to join the course but cannot attend at the specified time or dates, please email courses@therai.org.uk with the dates and times you would be available. If there is enough interest in the course, we might be able to offer alternate times.

  6. Will a course be repeated? As above, if there is enough interest in a course, we can offer another running time. We will likely run each course at least once a year, but this is not definite.

  7. Is there any prerequisite to participate? Most of our courses do not have prerequisites. An interest in the topic is a must, and often having studied or worked in a similar field is helpful. Please explore each course page for any specific requirements.

  8. Is there a test at the end? Our courses do not currently require a test or assessment. However, some courses, such as our forensic anthropology and forensic social and expert anthropology courses, are linked to our certification programs. Please inquire separately about these.

  9. Are the classes recorded? This will depend on the tutor. Live participation is encouraged to make the most of discussions, but we understand that not all sessions can be attended. Once a course has started and depending on request, we will inform you whether or not sessions can be recorded.

  10. Are the courses entirely online? Currently, all of our courses are entirely online-based. You can access the course materials and participate from anywhere with an internet connection.

  11. Are materials provided for the courses? Any required reading materials will be provided by the RAI and will be accessible online. In addition, you will be given a student fellowship for one year, which will allow you to access all the resources in our online and in-person library at the British Museum.

  12. What is the price of each course? Please see each course page for individual course prices. The pricing details can be found on the respective course pages.

  13. Are the course dates specified? Please see each course page for specific dates and schedules. The course dates and session timings will be mentioned on the respective course pages.

  14. What happens if the course I would like to study does not have a date? If the course you're interested in does not have a specified date, please sign up to our 'notify' list. You will be emailed with information about the course dates once they are released.

  15. What happens if not enough people sign up for my course? If the minimum number of students required for a course is not met, we will have to rearrange the course to another time. In such cases, you will be either refunded or moved to the other time and date. We will inform you of any changes at least two weeks before the course date.

  16. How do I pay for the course? Once you have completed the booking form, you will be taken to a payment page where you can pay either with PayPal or via an invoice (which you must request from courses@therai.org.uk).

  17. I would like to make a group booking. How can I do that? Please book individual spaces for each member of your group, and then email courses@therai.org.uk to request a group invoice.

  18. Do you offer discounts or bursaries? We apologise that apart from our General Anthropology Course for Young Learners, we are unable to offer any discounted price at the moment.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at courses@therai.org.uk. We're here to help!

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