Anthropology & Art

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Anthropology & Art is a new open-access publication series edited by the RAI Anthropology of Art Committee. The series stems from the international conference Art, Materiality and Representation organized by the RAI in collaboration with the British Museum and the School of Oriental and African Studies in 2018. Its aims are to make available to a wide audience works that engage with the connections between visual, material, aural and other expressive human practices and the lived worlds in which they take place from an anthropologically informed perspective. 

We solicit new contributions from anthropologists and others - such archaeologists, art historians and practitioners – that will enhance and expand our collective understanding and appreciation of this important area of social life.

Guidelines for submission:

Texts should be of maximum 8.000 words (including endnotes and references). We welcome original works that explore the meaningfulness of images, artefacts, sounds and performances and engage with anthropological approaches and/or analysis. There are no restrictions regarding the emphasis on the visual and textual aspects of the contributions and authors are welcome to discuss their proposed submission with the editor ( 

Authors will be responsible for clearing all image permissions and rights to publication for both their and other’s images.

Manuscripts should be submitted to:


Editor: Paolo Fortis (Durham University)
Editorial Assistant: Amanda Vinson (Royal Anthropological Institute)
Editorial Committee:
Iside Carbone (Royal Anthropological Institute)
Max Carocci (Royal Anthropological Institute)
Charles Gore (SOAS)
Ian Herbertson
Susanne Küchler (University College London)
Sarah Walpole (Royal Anthropological Institute)
Leslie Joynes (Columbia University)
Rowland Abiodun (Amherst College)


Volume 1 “Understanding through drawing and making: exploring alternative modes of attention at an academic conference” by Gemma Aellah and Angela Brew (November 2020)

Volume 2 "Moulding quilombola identities and ethnic politics: understandings and practices around ‘quilombo heritage’ in Brazil" by Katerina Hatzikidi (March 2021)

Volume 3 "Animism and the Mbya-Guarani Cinema" by Rodrigo Lacerda (October 2021)

Volume 4 “‘Such intimate relations’: on the process of collecting string figures and the paradigm of participant observation fieldwork” by Robyn McKenzie (March 2022)


Forthcoming Titles:

“Art, ethnography and the possible fate of hidden remains” by Teresa Fradique
“Some ethical implications of de- and re-materialising artefacts, using taonga pūoro (Māori musical instruments) as a case study” by Jennifer Cattermole  
“Redefining Curatorship as skilled practice” by Carine Ayélé Durand
“Socio-Creativity and the Neolithic” by Eloise Govier

ISSN 2634-8004
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