Guidelines for Exhibitors of Photographs at the Royal Anthropological Institute  

The RAI welcomes occasional photographic exhibitions in its meeting room on the first floor at 50 Fitzroy Street.

The room is well lit, and with the frames available (suitable for images up to 50 x 40 cm), can accommodate up to 35 images, with frames hung above one another. Exhibitors wishing to use larger frames will need to supply them themselves.

Exhibitors will need to demonstrate a coherent and purposeful narrative for their work, which should relate clearly to the discipline of anthropology. They should supply a letter of endorsement from a supervisor or other suitable source.

All proposals will be considered by the RAI Photo Committee, and their decisions are final.

The costs of printing must be borne by exhibitors.

Please note that visitors to exhibitions will need to make an appointment since the room is sometimes in use. There is no disabled access.

For any further information please contact the Photo Curator

Imagi/Nations: Native North American Photographs from the Royal Anthropological Institute

Curated by Max Carocci

Images of Native North Americans part of a little known collections such as the ones of the RAI, offer a rare glimpse into the visual history of indigenous North American nations (Canadian First Nations, Native Americans, Inuit).

The exhibition presents a selection of 35 photographs from the RAI's photographic archives that cover areas as different as early physical anthropology, visual records of material culture, as well as social and cultural life of Native North Americans between the 19th c. and the early decades of the 20th c. Collections include images of peoples from Greenland and the Pacific Northwest coast, the Southwest USA, Canadian Great Lakes, the Great Plains and the Eastern woodlands.

You can see the exhibition online here and download a copy of the exhibition catalogue.

Copies of all of the prints in this exhibition are available for purchase.  Contact the photo curator.


A selection of photographs from Glynn Flood’s fieldwork among Afar pastoralists

To mark the publication: In Pursuit of Afar Nomads. Glynn Flood's Work Journal and Letters from the Field, 1973 – 1975 


Forty-four years after his death at the hands of the military government of Ethiopia, Glynn Flood’s ethnographic estate, based on fieldwork among Afar pastoralists, is now available in a publication (also online) of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle/Saale. Michèle Flood provided her husband’s ethnographic material, while Jean Lydall and Maknun Ashami compiled the book of Flood’s journals and letters, with a CD of indexed scans of the original journals, letters, and field notes.

The photos begin at Asaita, capital of Aussa: dusty tracks, the mosque, and the market on the main square which was taking place each Tuesday. The landscape changes according to the rainy (flooding) or dry season (cracked soil) and many stones (sort of volcanic basalt). Cotton plantations have now been replaced by sugar cane.

The photo of the bridge is meant to establish the link between this and the camps.

Fodaho is the name of the camp where Glynn had his tent; life at the camp is represented with Hassooni, Fatuma, Wassila, Ahmed (Fatuma's husband who was later killed by an oryx).and other young Afar men and women around the main characters, who fetch water, churn milk, braid hair, build a tent, file an axe, keep goats, show a guile (Afar knife)

Gaali Faage is the name of another camp in a desert area.

Kosov is the name given to this rather violent game of football where Afar men run after a cloth ball at special times of the year.

Abercrombie; Arkell; Hambley; Hobley; Melland - Africa

Africa - archaeology

Aiyappam; Crooke; Ghoshal; Rogers - India, Nicobar & Andaman Islands; Malay peninsula

Amer; Arundel; Balfour; Dundas; Huntingford; Johnston; Leith; Parker - Africa

Annandale - S.E. Africa

Anthropometric portraits

Auden - Europe; England; France;


Ballantine; O’Mally - PNG

Barton - PNG; Oceania

Bell, Codrington - Oceania; New Hebrides

Benthall; Rivers; Wilkins - India, Tibet, Algeria

Berndt - Australia

Bonaparte – Sámi people (Lapps)

Bonaparte - Australia anthropology; India

Breton - North & South America

Brit. Assoc. Racial Committee / Europe

Buckner; Cadett; Harris; Hurd; Mannering - Africa; physical anthropology

Budgett Meakin – Morocco

De Cesnola - Cypriot antiquities

Cohen; Cooper Clark; Doke; Driberg; Ellerbeck; Evans Pritchard; Fergison; Flinders Petrie; Hulley; Lamina; Mason; Murnay; Paff; Parker; Priest; Read; Reece; Rogers; Singer; Taylor; Wamelo; Webb – Africa

Cunnison – Africa

Dawson – Canada

Dayrell - Nigeria

Daniel; Henry; Knocker; Price - SE Asia

Deacon; Haddon; Lord Moyne - PNG

Dobson - Andaman Islands

Duckworth - Europe

Durham - S.E. Europe Albania

E. Africa; Egypt; Ethiopia; Sudan;

S.M. Edwards – India

Ellenberger; Dayrell - S. Africa

European archaeology

Flinders Petrie - Egyptian antiquities

Garbe; Whiffen - Central & South America; Ecuador

Gluckmann - Africa; Zambia

Grubb - S. America

Hanna - India

Harvey - (Cambridge Expedition), Japan (1964)

Hilton Simpson

Hodson - Oceania

Hodson, Naga - SE Asia

Ilford Research Dept.

Im Thurn - S.C. America

Johnstone & Hoffman; Waddell - S. Asia

Knox - rock paintings

Layard - Africa

Lichtenicker; Tate - Africa

Lindt - Australia

Lister - Oceania; Tonga

E.H. Man - Andaman & Nicobar Islands

McGeagh - Africa

Miller; Thomas – Nigeria

Mills - Fiji; New Hebrides; New Zealand; Oceania; PNG; Sarawak

Murray - South Africa

Myres - Africa; RAI

Neverovsky - Angola albums

Parham; Roth; Strong - Oceania; Banks Islands; Fiji; Murray Islands; Solomon Islands

Parkinson – Liberia

Peake, Beazley; Peek, Hills - S. Asia; India; Ceylon; Sri Lanka

Pearson - Madrid album; Spain

Petersen - Skulls

Physical anthropology; Skulls

Portman, Maurice Vidal

Price, Leveson - Asia; China

Prof. Dark exhibition – PNG

Randall McIver - Africa; Melanesia

Rattray - Europe (England) archaeology

Raymond; Roscoe; Sharpe - Africa; Congo; South Africa; Sudan

Richards, A. - Africa

Rikards - Mexican antiquities Antigua

Schapera collection – Africa

Seligman - Japan; Munro

Seligman - Sudan

Seton-Karr – Africa

Smith - N. America

Somerville - Solomons, Malekula

Starr – Mexico

Starr, Thurston – Mexico

Tirstig - Sudan

Thurston - S. India

Townshend - N. America (Hopi)

Torday, E. - Africa

Tucker – Africa

Turstig; Palmer; Peake. - British Association Racial Committee / Africa; Kenya; South Africa

Verril - comparative archaeology

White, Thomas - S. Arabia, Zimbabwe

Williamson - Batwa Pygmies 1905, Oceania

Wilkins - Algeria, Egypt


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