AIO Projects

This section contains documents related to projects undertaken by AIO. It started in 2015 to offer a space where users can find information that complements the live searches on AIO.

Conceived to be an efficient and comprehensive use of AIO data, individual projects highlight the potentials of this immense database that give selective snapshots about anthropological production. In each of these special projects AIO’s thousands of articles are combined through different criteria to show how a bibliographic database can be more than a list of articles about specific topics.

In this section you will find downloadable items. AIO projects comprise internally produced, as well as externally funded projects such as the 2013 research: Anthropological Production in the World: Data Collection and Analysis, financed by a generous grant by the British Academy.

Among the projects in this section AIO will regularly upload: charts regarding research output, percentages about topical coverage, statistics concerning keywords fluctuations, national profiles, customised bibliographies (e.g. about individual authors, or specific aspects of anthropology), and language coverage (e.g. how much has been produced in a given language, or lists of articles about specific topics only in one language etc.).