The objectives of the Anthropology of Policy and Practice Committee are:

  1. Provide a forum for discussion of ethnographic and anthropological research on organizational policy-making and practices in development, humanitarian, public sector, Parliament, corporate and civil society organizations
  2. Create and offer opportunities to anthropologists interested in advocacy and engaging in/with organizations outside academia
  3. Improve the links between anthropologists, policy-makers and practitioners for the benefit of all
  4. Support and advise anthropologists making applications for research
  5. Promote anthropology among organizations and policy-makers/practitioners, and through the media, to increase the potential influence of the discipline

Joint secretaries Richard Axelby and Jas Kaur

The current Committee members are:

Emma Crewe (Chair), Richard Axelby, Jas Kaur, Andrea Cornwall, Andrew Russell, Catherine Dolan, Deborah James, Gerhard Anders, Raymond Apthorpe, Andrew Clayton, John Borton, Cornelia Sorabji, Elizabeth Harrison, Andrew Long