Many people from all over the world are affiliated to the RAI. We welcome anyone with an interest in the subject, whether working in an academic institution or not. Our affiliates include academic specialists, students, those working in fields where anthropology has practical applications, and those whose interest is captured by the subject matter of anthropology. The membership structure has been designed as far as possible to suit all interest groups. The RAI is constantly looking for ways of improving its structure and services, and welcomes all suggestions.

You can go straight to the application form here. This application form is for all categories of affiliation.


Categories of Affiliation to the RAI

Individuals can join the RAI as Fellows, Postgraduate Fellows or Members.


Fellowship of the RAI

Fellowship is intended for those who have an interest in anthropology, whether academic or not. Fellows are elected by the Council of the RAI.

For details about the types of Fellowship available, click here.

For the current price of Fellowship please click here.

Fellows are entitled to:

Student Fellowship

Student Fellowship is appropriate for students registered on taught or research programmes anywhere in the world. Student Fellows must be elected, and must demonstrate their student status. Student Fellows are entitled to:

Student Fellows who are registered postgraduate students on taught or research programmes in any sub-field of anthropology may also apply to be Associate Members of the Association of Social Anthropologists as a addition to their Student Fellowship of the RAI. For more information about the ASA, please see their website at: Benefits include:

Election of First-Time Fellows

If applying to become a Fellow or Student Fellow for the first time, you must be proposed and elected by the Council of the RAI. If possible, your proposer should be a current Fellow who knows you personally. If you do not know any Fellows then please send a brief resume outlining your interest in anthropology and we will ask one of our Officers to sign the form to support your application. Follow the joining and payment instructions given here. We will send you a proposal form to complete and return. As soon as your payment is processed, you will begin to receive Fellowship benefits. In the unlikely event of your not being elected, your payment will be refunded immediately. If applying to become a Member, or if you have previously been a Fellow, you do not need a proposer.

If you have any questions please contact the Membership Manager.


Membership of the RAI

Membership is available to all those wishing to subscribe to Anthropology Today. Members do not need to be elected.

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Members are entitled to:


Online Access to the JRAI and AT

All Fellows, Student Fellows and Members receive online access to the journals to which they are entitled from the 2000 volume onwards, via Wiley Online Library. In addition, all Fellows and Student Fellows are entitled to access the entire back catalogue of RAI journals, up to 5 years preceding the current volume year, through the JSTOR online archive. 


How to Join: Individuals

You can join by completing the application form. Or if you prefer to have hard copy of the application form, please email the Membership Manager. You can find information about the price of each category here.

In case of difficulty

If you have any difficulty in joining or renewing your affiliation, or in accessing the services to which you are entitled, contact the RAI office by post at 50 Fitzroy St, London W1T 5BT, UK; by phone on +44 (0)20 7387 0455, or by email to the Membership Manager.


How to Join: Institutional Subscribers

Institutions and libraries cannot join the RAI, but may subscribe to the RAI journals Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (JRAI) and Anthropology Today (AT). All institutional subscriptions are managed by Wiley. Follow these links for information on subscribing to JRAI and AT.