The Anthropology and the Environment Committee of the RAI have put together a list of anthropologists who are interested in environmental issues.  This list is a resource for other anthropologists and for those outside anthropology looking for a particular expertise.

If you are interested in being included please reply to and include:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Contact details
  • Statement of interest
  • Geographical/topical area of interest

Name: Andrew Flachs

Affiliation: Postdoctoral Fellow, Heidelberg University (2016-2017)
Assistant Professor, Purdue University (2017- )

Contact details:

Statement of interest: My research spans sustainable agriculture, biotechnology, development, the anthropology of knowledge, and political ecology. Through mixed methods research, I seek to better understand how humans create sustainable environmental relationships within the context of markets, ecology, state interventions, and social networks.  I am especially interested in the ways that humans build and use ecological knowledge to inform agricultural decision-making.

Geographical/topical area of interest: I have conducted research in the United States, India, Germany, and Bosnia.  I am interested in biotechnology, alternative agriculture, commodity chains, ethnobotany, and ecological knowledge.

Name: Michele Filippo Fontefrancesco

Affiliation: University of Gastronomic Sciences - Durham University

MOB. +39 333 4354808

Statement of interest: Economic anthropologist working on local development.  His research touches themes such as environment management and social sustainability; it investigates the link between legislative action and environment change.

Geographical/topical area of interest: Europe, Italy, Public Administration, Local Development

Name: Cynthia A. Grace-McCaskey

Affiliation: East Carolina University

Contact details: +1 252-328-9443

Geographical/topical area of interest: marine resource management, Caribbean, Pacific Islands, USA, Political ecology, traditional ecological knowledge, social-ecological systems, and cooperative resource management and institutions

Name: Paolo Gruppuso

Affiliation: University of Aberdeen

Contact details: -

Statement of interest: I am an anthropologist with an interest in human-environment relations, agro-food systems, nature conservation, wet landscapes  and water management. I have conducted ethnographic research in protected wetlands in Agro Pontino (Italy), on topics including conflicts between agriculture and conservation,  human-animal relations, water management, environmental education, relations between time, memory and landscape.

Geographical/topical area of interest: My main geographical area of interest is Europe, but I am also interested in wetlands and agro-food systems everywhere and particularly in the global North.

Name: Dr Sophie Haines

Affiliation: University of Oxford (Institute for Science, Innovation and Society)

Contact details:

Statement of interest: My research focuses on environmental knowledge and decision-making in contexts of social and ecological change. I am interested in the interfaces of anthropology and science and technology studies, of natural and social sciences, and of research and policy-making processes. To date my research has explored perceptions of the environment, changing livelihoods, conservation practice, infrastructural development, and the use of scientific predictions for resource and hazard management. She has carried out ethnographic fieldwork and interview-based studies in Belize, Kenya, and the UK.

Geographical/topical area of interest: Central America (Belize), Europe (UK), East Africa (Kenya) development & environment, infrastructure, weather & climate change, science & society